“For many of us, the world of today stands on the threshold of golden age.
We can foresee sweeping changes in our lives, in our work, in our leisure, in our country and in our world.

I’ve been fighting for the triumph of logic in politics over passion, for the protection of individual freedoms against collective tyranny.

An energetic country of ours can become a model of the just society in which every citizen will enjoy his fundamental rights, in which two great linguistic communities and peoples of many cultures will live in harmony, and in which every individual will find fulfillment.

For me, that is Canada.
C’est ça, le Canada.”

"...Whenever the going was taught
I realized that if our cause was right,
All we had to do to win, was to talk
Over the heads of the premiers,
Over the heads of the multinationals,
Over the heads of the superpowers,
To the people of this land,
To the people of Canada..."

"...We now have a Charter,
Which defines the kind of country in which we wish to live,
And guaranties the basic rights and freedoms,
Which each of us shall enjoy
As a citizen of Canada..."

"...Don't let it water down..."

Pierre Elliott Trudeau


Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Fundamental Freedoms

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other means of communication.

Since you are here, you may be interested in Canada, Bombardier or Human Rights. Following is a true story joining all of them, the story which differs from the official ones which can be heard daily on the radio or seen on TV.

Because all human beings on face of the planet Earth are equal
and have an innate right to decide about their own bodies.

Because I was a believer in Québec and Canadian justice.

Because I was a member of
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Because I dared to think while working for Bombardier.

I was working for Bombardier Inc. Canadair for five years and never had any work related accident. The company imposed a new regulation forcing every employee to wear safety glasses during all working hours. Normally I don't wear glasses and heaving to wear them eight hours a day, five days a week was causing me stress and headache. I refused to wear the safety glasses all the time, insisting on keeping my freedom to evaluate danger of working conditions, as I did in the past, which would allow me to wear the safety glasses temporarily. I had even wrote and signed a waiver explaining my reasons, but no one wanted to hear them, not even the union representatives which I was a member of.

I refused to be hypocritical, to put my health in danger and loose my right to decide about my own body, especially that the issue had noting to do with security and was only to delight Bombardier's arrogant management concerned solely about the profits they would make with their insurance company.

Being forced to wear safety glasses all the time for no apparent reason was totally absurd, humiliating and dangerous to my health. Not only that it was causing me obvious immediate problems, but also because no one wanted to assure me that looking through the transparent plastic of the safety glasses would not be harmful to my eyes in a long term. How far would you go to please some damn bureaucrat who wants to make extra money on your back by reducing you to a slave?

After months of harassment and the union's refusal to represent me, I lost my employment for not respecting the company's "safety regulations", even though the company had freely allowed other employees to ignore the same regulations. I still would like to know why was I the only one chosen among 500,000 members of International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers?

I was trying to defend my rights described in Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Québec Charter of Rights and Québec Labor Laws. But Québec Courts, Canadian Human Rights Commission, Québec Human Rights Commission and Québec Ministry of  Labor, had all refused to recognize them ignoring even my medical statement stating clearly that I can not wear glasses. The attitude in general being to "put up and shut up".

Frightening is the mania of safety glasses spreading all over Québec's and Canadian Industry and deplorable is the fact how easily greedy managers lose respect to their employees and are willing to prostitute themselves by all means to artificially boost company shares and to grab their bonuses.

Will everybody have to wear safety glasses everywhere, all the time from now on? Are they some kind of superior beings allowed to decide what's good for me? No. Then buzz off! They pay me only for the job I do, they don't own my body. I have my own brain capable of taking care of MY OWN EYES! I wonder when Bombardier managers will begin forcing their slaves to wear a condom? ...safety glasses being already on.

To me Bombardier is not about snowmobiles, trains or airplanes anymore, but about racism, harassment and discrimination I had experienced over the years. And I can prove each of these words in front of an independent jury, not some payroll puppet judge who will be trying to explain to me, the stupid immigrant, what Canadian laws are about and who always renders his judgment in favor of a large corporation.

Are you still thinking about applying for a job at Bombardier?  Think twice before you become an employee number. But once you will - don't you dare to think!

ex   81954

Canada has been playing such an active role in recognizing Human Rights worldwide, it is high time for the rights of Canadians themselves not only to be written, but to be recognized and respected as well.

Below are some of the Québec-provincial and Canadian-federal laws violated by
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 712
and Bombardier:

( in French )

Clause 14
14.1 "Toute question peut être apportée pour discussion par un employé et/ou son délégué d'usine, à son contremaître immédiat. Le contremaître rendra sa décision dans un délai de deux (2) jours ouvrables."

14.2.1 "Si la question n'est pas réglée à la satisfaction de l'employé, elle sera soumise par écrit, en triple exemplaire sur le formulaire approprié, et présentée comme grief au contremaître par le comité de griefs. Le contremaître rendra sa décision par écrit dans un délai de trois (3) jours ouvrables."

47.2. Égalité de traitement par l'association accréditée. Une association accréditée ne doit pas agir de mauvaise fois ou de manière arbitraire ou discriminatoire, ni faire preuve de négligence grave à l'endroit des salariés...

§1. Droits généraux
9. Condition de travail. Le travailleur a droit à des conditions de travail qui respectent sa santé, sa sécurité et son intégrité physique.

§2. Droit de refus
12. Refus d'exécuter un travail. Un travailleur a le droit de refuser d'exécuter un travail s'il a des motifs raisonnables de croire que l'exécution de ce travail l'expose à un danger pour sa santé, sa sécurité ou son intégrité physique ou peut avoir l'effet d'exposer une autre personne à un semblable danger.

49. Obligations du travailleur. Le travailleur doit:
2o prendre les mesures nécessaires pour protéger sa santé, sa sécurité ou son intégrité physique.

51. Obligations de l'employeur. L'employeur doit prendre les mesures nécessaires pour protéger la santé et assurer la sécurité et l'intégrité physique du travailleur....

Charte des droits et libertés de la personne, L.R.Q., c. C-12
1. Droit à la vie. Tout être humaine a droit à la vie, ainsi qu'à la sûreté, à l'intégrité et à la liberté de sa personne.

Charte des droits et libertés de la personne, L.R.Q., c. C-12
4. Sauvegarde de la dignité. Tout personne a droit à la sauvegarde de sa dignité, de son honneur et de sa réputation.

Charte des droits et libertés de la personne, L.R.Q., c. C-12
46. Condition de travail. Toute personne qui travaille a droit, conformément à la loi, à des conditions de travail justes et raisonnables et qui respectent sa santé, sa sécurité et son intégrité physique.

Charte des droits et libertés de la personne, L.R.Q., c. C-12
50. Droit non supprimé. La Charte doit être interprétée de manière à ne pas supprimer ou restreindre la jouissance ou l'exercice d'un droit ou d'une liberté de la personne qui n'y est pas inscrit.

Charte canadienne des droits et liberté, L.R.C. (1985), App. II, no 44
Garanties juridiques
7. Vie, liberté et sécurité. Chacun a droit à la vie, à la liberté et à la sécurité de sa personne; il ne peut être porté atteinte à ce droit qu'en conformité avec les principes de justice fondamentale.

From the moment my case was rejected, I wanted to make an appeal before the Québec`s Supreme Court, but suddenly the law kicked in and according to the law it was too late for the case to be deposited in front of the Supreme Court.


Working there, and I saw firsthand how the things were happening inside of the rotten Bombardier kingdom, and I would like to share my experience to worn anybody misfortune who will be dealing with Bombardier corporate liars about their deceiving games and tactics they exploit.

I saw enough people crying at work because they just couldn’t stand any longer being yelled at and pressed to work faster, and faster, and faster and produce more, and more, and more… According to the company bs production graphs, which were always pointing upward, the objectives were never achieved because, as we were told, every employee should always strive to improve his/her work and should never stop trying to be more productive. (is it so that Beaudoin could give himself another 20-50 million dollars raise?)

Even though the company’s management received several of my registered letters, including photocopies of documents, through which I wanted to attract attention to the fact that I have been a victim of harassment and racial remarks, nothing was done about it. My complaints led only to further acts of harassment, which became more camouflaged, and now were orchestrated by the Bombardier managers themselves. Among others, I can mention here written warnings based on false accusations that I received, and which later had to be cancelled as being based on TOTAL BOMBARDIER LIES.

Then again, refusal of my salary statements, particularly during the week when the Bombardier racist-hypocrites so proudly and politically correctly celebrated multinational diversity week.

Bombardier managers will never admit their wrongdoing. They are always innocent, always so nice, so soft-spoken, always conveniently accusing the victim to be the cause of the problem and they think that if they do it for long enough, they will get away with it. NOT THIS TIME.

According to the article, which once appeared in one of the Bombardier propaganda bulletin, when the company was going through legal battles with Embraer, the best defense is to attack. Like with many others, this was and is, also true of their approach to me.

The fact of the matter is that the Bombardier corporate mafia will abuse the law and crash their employees only as much as it is allowed, and it has been allowed way too much by way too many people, at all levels of government and judicial system.

The general-public saying is that Bombardier always wins because they are close to the government. And I wonder how does it make feel those democratically elected Québec and Canadian politicians, who allegedly represent their electors? And who indirectly contribute to the abuse by allowing themselves to be deceived by Bombardier corporate manipulators, and consequently by supporting them.

No need to go to Afghanistan and lament the situation of Afghan women forced to wear a burka. It is happening right here in Québec, Canada, but it would take some effort and guts to show the truth instead of the fake camera shots of carefully staged situation where everybody is happily wearing glasses. From experience, I can tell that they better be happily wearing those glasses, or else. Would you be wearing it if you didn’t have to? Would you be wearing it if you were not terrorized? Would you like your kids to be forced to wear it?

Similarities and differences:

    Afghanistan Bombardier
Issue:   burka safety glasses
Applies to:   women only everybody
Imposed by:   tyrants management
Does not apply to:   tyrants management
Imposed under pretext of:   religion safety
Imposed with blessing of:   religious leader union leaders
Motivated by:   mental retardation mental retardation and greed
Implemented by:   thugs management, judges, lawyers
Implementation methods:   terror, fear, threats terror, fear, threats, ignorance

Bombardier CEO:   Laurent Beaudoin
Salary 1997:   20 million $
Salary 2001:   90 million $

Laurent, you are welcome to contact me with the latest numbers to keep the site updated. Anybody who knows the way to my mailbox should also know my mailing address. Besides, you won't have to pretend any longer that you don't know it - I mailed it to your office.


If the union representatives LOCAL 712 or company executives truly care about the safety and well being of their members and employees, they should withdraw immediately this illegitimate, inhuman, cruel and safety-abusive practice of the mandatory plastic glasses, and replace it with accident prevention courses, for example.

Job creation with Canadian taxpayers money must not be perceived as a free ticket allowing abuse and violation of the same Canadian taxpayers' basic rights.

Companies like Bombardier which are practicing racism, harassment or discrimination must be put in place where they belong - within the rules of Canadian society, HEAVY FINES and NO GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES WHATSOEVER. Anything else will only make them laugh, like they did when I mentioned the word "law" while being fired.

Not until Bombardier management and their corrupted union leaders, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers -Local 712 (part of FTQ) accept consequences of their action, discontinue its unlawful and abusive activity, that I will stop denouncing them. It is my Canadian citizen's moral obligation and duty, so that any kid born in Canada today will not have to emigrate to some foreign country and be treated like crap twenty years from now, only because he can't have reasonable working conditions in his own country.

And no matter how may times this site is removed, it will show up again. They don't owe me a job,




Have you:

    - been refused to talk openly about Bombardier on an open line radio talk shows?
    - spent a fortune on lawyers defending your rights, only to learn that you don't have any?
    - found spy programs being uploaded to your computer from "unknown sources"?
    - been spied on through your fax?
    - been manipulated or asked to manipulate others?
    - been intimidated, yelled at...?
    - experienced anything else?

Express your opinion, share your comments, send an email to:     ex81954@mailup.net
Here are some:

"I don't know how thing's are in Canada, but I will say that the same stupid rule happens here in the States. To wear safety glasses all the time and restrict your vision and cause headaches just to mention a few of the results of this ridiculous practice is insane. I think that the people who write these regulations, obviously have never worked in an aircraft maintenance environment. I personally have banged my head and dropped more tools due to these stupid things (safety glasses) then I care to remember. My sympathy to you brother."

I am ex aviation mech. from Bombardier. I quit working there 2yrs ago because of the stress that was created on me constantly by the management. The yelling that you're not working fast enough and no help when you were given jobs that you weren't qualified to do.Then threatening to fire you if you screwed up on top of that. I've never been so happy quitting a job before. I am currently not working in aviation. The experience working for Bombardier has totally soured my feelings for the aviation field."

W a r n i n g

How about the promise that I will never find a job if I don't give my resignation?

Any company, organization or person cooperating with Bombardier and contributing to proliferation of racism, harassment or discrimination, will end up being listed below:

“La Charte des droits et libertés, on ne peut pas respecter ça”
“Charter of rights and freedoms, it can not be respected”
Bernard Lesage
Québec Chief Justice
After saying what, Honourable Chief Justice took-off like one of the Bombardier jets, and disappeared never to be seen again.

“...nous ne voulons pas être avocat du diable…il se sert de nos lois”
“...we don’t want to be a devil’s advocate, he is using our laws”
Michel Lauzon
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 712
Grievance Committee President / President
(alias Judas, trader, nationalist-racist)

“La Charte de droits et liberté, ça ne devrait pas exister…ça devrait être éliminé…on ne peut pas faire référence à ça”
“The Charter of rights and freedoms, it should not exist…it should be eliminated…no reference should be made to it…”
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 712
Pierre Moreau
That's the guy who should be representing union members and defending their legal rights, who is paid from the same members' collective union dues and who, for my own money, ended up acting against me.

The above quoted comments were recorded on a tape number: 43-99; 44-99
255, boul Crémazie Est
Montréal, QC. H2M 1L5

IKEA Canada
Where one of the most important requirements to be employed, is the applicant’s mother tongue (sorry I was not born Swedish), and where Canadian college diploma is not enough as a professional prerequisite to obtain an employment as a laborer stacking up IKEA’s inventory.